Bespoke Night

CABIN event season has officially begun. Last Thursday, A select 100 gents were welcomed to a night devoted to the art of custom tailored fashion (and drinks. Lots of drinks).

If you are on our mail list, you received an invite for a ‘Made To Measure’ evening. Aside from the usual CABIN party shenanigans (case in point, late night ‘who can eat the most hot sauce’ contests), there was also an array of brands offering unique services throughout the night.

Coupe De Tete (@coupe_de_tete) was on site offering consultations on bespoke hat creations based on your style, personality, and history. These guys are local to Toronto and are experts in their craft. They should be considered more as artists than hat makers or leather craftsmen. Guests brought in their old hats for complimentary refurbishing. The tired hat sitting in the back of the closet was brought back to life, de-stressed, steamed and customized with feathers from all over the world.

Surmesur (@surmesur) sent down their top tailors to discuss custom shirts, jackets, pants and suits. They offered measuring, gave advice on latest fashion trends, and offered specials on custom-made dress wear. Their brand is considered to be above the bar in the fashion world and they have recently launched their latest location in Port Credit, Mississauga.

Monte and Coe (@monteandcoe) is a wool and leather luggage company manufacturing 100% of their products in Toronto. The brand came down to discuss the benefits of using the finest raw materials, and how utilizing expert craftsmanship and classic techniques can create an original product that will last a lifetime.

CABIN events are usually based around 3 key features: craft beers, premium spirits, and cigars. This night did not stray from the norm. Big Rock Brewery (@bigrockbrewery) poured their most popular brews all night long and offered an array of information on types of beer, the differences between lagers and ales, and made sure everyone left with an alcoholic giveaway. Jack Daniels cohosted the night by offering tastings and cocktails of their premium labels. Alec Bradley (@alecbradleycigar) offered a cigar special for gents to be able to gather around the muskoka chairs and enjoy a stogie.

This night was the kickoff for a killer summer full of different events and parties at CABIN. If you missed out on this one – get on the email list to be the first in the know from now on. Thanks to all that were able to join. Stay Sharp Gents!

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